Funny Facebook Status Messages
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Funny Facebook Status Messages

Funny Facebook Status Messages

Here are some really funny facebook status messages you can use to get lots of comments :D.

XYZ is gathering rocks to throw at you

XYZ is hiding under your bed.

XYZ is "in your Facebook account, deleting your friends"

XYZ is kind of a big deal.

XYZ is going to make the biggest paper airplane ever.

XYZ is not wearing pants.

XYZ is bringing sexy back.

XYZ is out spoiling his liver.

XYZ is a disaster waiting to happen.

XYZ is fighting ninja's.

XYZ is coming to theater near you.

XYZ is "never on schedule, but always on time."

XYZ is rewriting history.

XYZ is everything you're not.

XYZ is away right now please leave a message after the beep...BEEP!

XYZ is the one who stole the frigg'n cookie from the cookie jar. Now shut up!

XYZ is walking through the intensive care unit dressed as the grim reaper

XYZ is poking you with a spork

Keep in touch, there will be some more funny facebook status messages on this blog, very soon.

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